Five Journalists Stopped by Chicago Police for Dubious Reasons

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Five journalists covering the NATO protests in Chicago were stopped by police and ordered out of their car at gun point on Saturday night, and weren't given a reason why. Luke RudkowksiTim PoolJeoff Shively, and two others named Dustin and Jess were on their way back to the place they were staying when they were pulled over. 

From what they've tweeted, Pool says he was put in handcuffs and interrogated while officers had their guns drawn. Pool also said they were told they were being tracked on police scanners after the cops had left, and the police were waiting to find out where the journalists were staying so they could find them again. Rudkowski claims the cops interrogated a friend of his about him earlier in the day. The police also apparently smashed the journalists hard drives and computer batteries. Some content was deleted from Ustream, apparently including Rudkowski almost getting shot. After the police took their names and interrogated them, they were told by a supervisor that their car looked like another vehicle the police were looking for and were let go.

Rudkowski's camera was running when the cops pulled them over. You can hear the police shouting at them to step out of the car: 

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Pool especially has gained a huge audience for his live streams of Occupy protests. His camera was running when the police pulled them over. There's a large stretch of the video where nothing happens while the men are being interrogated by police, but at least it shows the video was unedited. Action in the video picks back up around 8:25 when you can hear the journalists return to their car and one of them says, "Make sure there's nothing planted here." 

Update 1: the NBC affiliate in Chicago did this story on the journalist's interaction with the police. The CDP still haven't commented on the story. 

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