Edwards' Defense Rests Without Calling Him or Rielle to Testify

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We wouldn't be so disappointed that John Edwards' defense team had rested its case without him or his mistress being called to testify if that possibility hadn't been teased so hard in the news, but as it is, this is such a letdown.

Especially tantalizing was Good Morning America's Tuesday feature on the "kooky" and "new agey" Rielle Hunter, who apparently told Edwards he was "so hot" after passing him a business card that read "Rielle Hunter: Being Is Free." How much did you want to hear from the woman who had a "breakdown at an Aspen, Colo., restaurant when the Reuben sandwich she ordered came with the wrong dressing"? We're guessing kind of a lot, whether you were eager for a freak show or hoping she'd prove all Lisa DePaulo's less-than flattering GQ profile wrong.

Hunter was on the witness list Wednesday, along with Edwards himself, who we really would like to hear address the corruption charges against in open court. Edwards' daughter, Cate, had also been expected to testify, and didn't. That was also a disappointment, as The Atlantic Wire's Jen Doll had anticipated learning more about the women of the Edwards trial. Instead, Edwards' defense occupied itself with things like the definition of the word "the." Of course, that's their prerogative. They're not in there for our entertainment but to keep their client out of jail. Apparently they didn't think they needed his or his family's help to do so.

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