Autopsy Report Says Trayvon Martin Had THC in His System

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A massive trove of documents was just released in the Trayvon Martin investigation, including an autopsy report that shows Martin had THC in system when he died. The documents — 183 pages worth are available here — were released late on Thursday by the prosecutor's office as part of the discovery process for the trial of shooter George Zimmerman. The autopsy report says that there were trace amounts of the drug in his blood and urine, but that would not necessarily mean that he smoked marijuana on the night in question. In any case, this fact is likely to be seized upon by supporters of Zimmerman to contradict of the image of Martin as a squeaky clean teenager.

The release of evidence also includes a photo of Zimmerman, taken by a police officer with his cellphone upon arriving on the scene. The photo that was released is a black and white photocopy, but does appear to show a wound on Zimmerman's nose and a small amount of blood on his face. The picture was mentioned in an extensive article in a The New York Times story published earlier today detailing many of the missteps made by the Sanford Police Department during their initial investigation.

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