Apparently NYPD Did Nothing Wrong Spying on Muslims in New Jersey

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This is sort of troubling: After a three-month review, the state of New Jersey found that the NYPD did nothing wrong when it spied on Muslim businesses, mosques, and student groups. "[T]he findings mean New Jersey Muslims have no state recourse to stop the NYPD from infiltrating student groups, videotaping mosque-goers or collecting their license plate numbers as they pray," reports The Associated Press' Samantha Henry.  

Those implications may just be one aspect of today's findings.  If you recall, it seemed like everyone at the time from Newark Mayor Cory Booker to Governor Chris Christie and the FBI had denounced the spying. The FBI was particularly vocal as they argued that the spying betrayed the relationships the agency tried to build with Muslims since 9/11. And that won't get any better with today's decision, as Muslim leaders had been pleading for investigations and federal involvement with the spying. 

"Based on what we saw, their conduct was permissible,"explained one of the officials in a report by The New Jersey Star-Ledger's Ted Sherman. "There was no evidence of illegal wiretaps or search and seizures. We’re not seeing any seeing violations of law."

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