Zimmerman Won't Walk Free Today

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In a court appearance that lasted all of three minutes, George Zimmerman had his arraignment and bail hearing scheduled for May 29, and will stay in custody until then. According to the Associated Press, "Zimmerman stood up straight and wore a gray prison jumpsuit. He spoke only to answer "Yes, sir," after he was asked basic questions about the charge against him and his attorney. He entered no plea.

Zimmerman's attorney asked the judge to seal the documents in the case, but Judge Mark Herr reportedly said he would leave some parts of the files public, CBS Miami's Gio Benitez tweets. But they'll be sealed going forward, as ABC points out: "Zimmerman's attorney asked for future court files to be sealed. Both sides agreed. Think Progress tweeted that that decision was "likely to be challenged by news media."

Update (2:04 p.m. EDT): Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara, said in a post-court press conference that he would try to get Zimmerman out on bond before the May 29 arraignment. "I hope to have him released on bond, and by that time, hope to have a place for him to be safe," he said, according to USA Today.

Update 2:15 p.m. EDT): For those curious about O'Mara, MSNBC has posted a good, succinct profile of the lawyer that's worth a look. O'Mara is working for free at the moment, CBS's Asha Tomlinson tweets. We'd guess the exposure on a case like this pays for itself, but as CNN's Ram Ramgopal notes, Zimmerman's considered indigent. That means O'Mara could petition the state to pay his fee.

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Update (2:27 p.m. EDT): ABC Tampa's Ashley Glass shares this photo of the news vans swarming the Sanford courthouse:

Update (2:31 p.m. EDT): George Zimmerman wept his first night in jail, ABC reports in its coverage of his appearance. An unnamed "law enforcement official" shared that information, which we're going to present without comment.

Update (2:45 p.m. EDT): The press continues to document itself, with CBS's Liz Roldan sharing this shot of the scrum awaiting the lawyers outside the courthouse:

Update (2:53 p.m. EDT): Our commenters pointed out that we swapped the original photo on this story with a new one, and have indicated they want it back. We made the change because of the poor quality of the original image, a screengrab from a newscast that Huffington Post tweeted as this story broke:

Update (3:59 p.m. EDT): In their affidavit of probable cause, filed Thursday, Prosecutors wrote that Zimmerman had confronted Martin, "an apparent contradiction of Zimmerman's version of the events that led to the shooting," the Orlando Sentinel wrote. The document also says Martin's mother identified the screams captured on the 911s call as those of her son. The Sentinel's description of the series of events outlined in the affidavit is worth a read in full to understand prosecutors' basic premise of what happened.

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