Zanesville Zookeeper's Widow Will Get Her Leopards Back

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There's good news today for Marian Thompson, the estranged wife of the Terry Thompson, the zookeeper who let all those tigers and bears loose in Zanesville, Ohio before killing himself last year: She's getting her favorite leopards (and the rest of the surviving animals) back. 

Thompson will get five animals in total according to The Columbus Dispatch: a spotted leopard, a black leopard, two Celebes macaques (monkeys), and one brown bear. "State agriculture officials said today that it would drop the fight to keep the animals quarantined at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium," writes The Dispatch's Allison Manning, who adds that "the exchange likely won’t occur until later this week." Back in October, when the tragedy was still unfolding (and before the dueling pieces from GQ and Esquire), wildlife experts like Jack Hanna had pressed Thompson to drop her lobbying for the existing animals, because of questions surrounding their origin and until today, Thompson had lobbied officials to return the animals, since they are legally hers. "The leopards were always her favorite," wrote Esquire's Chris Jones

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