Where New York's Cheaters Live (According to an Infidelity Website)

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According to an important study done by the company that runs a website for cheaters—yes, we're talking about AshleyMadison.com, which seems to be extremely good at marketing itself these days—the cheating-est New York-area town is Great Neck, Long Island. Yet there are others, too. In fact, according to The New York Post's Don Kaplan, New York itself may be something of a cheating hotbed:

“There seems to be a disproportionate amount of cheating spouses in affluent areas and neighborhoods in New York,” said Noel Biderman, the CEO of AshleyMadison.com, a dating site for people looking for extramarital sex, which crunched the numbers.

This may be because, according to Biderman, people are more likely to cheat because of affluence and opportunity, i.e., people cheat because they can (see John Edwards). And New York City is full of people, and many of them have Internet connections. Said Biderman: “In the New York area in particular, with successful people there may be more cheating going on because the more opportunity you’re given — and that’s the reason you see athletes, celebrities and politicians involved in affairs — the more other people thrust themselves at you.”

Make a note: These New York City cheating opportunists apparently reside in Park Slope, the Upper East Side, Forest Hills, TriBeCa, and, at number 6 on the list, New City, which is an affluent suburb just north of Manhattan (no word on which of these regions have FiOS). There's a gender divide in cheating that Biderman discusses as well, saying that female cheating is linked to success (the more successful, the more likely to cheat) while men cheat after having kids. So, keep your eyes peeled for successful women and dads, they may be up to no good! 

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All this, of course, should be taken with an emormous grain of salt, as the rankings were calculated based on Ashley Madison data—i.e., those stated neighborhoods have the most people on Ashley Madison (in Great Neck, "3.02 percent of the town's adult residents" were members). People can, obviously, cheat without the aid of that site—and historically have. But if your husband or wife is on Ashley Madison, you may want to think about your marriage just a wee bit. 

New York City residents clear caches now. 

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