The Space Shuttle Arrives In New York: Photos and Video

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Update (11:43 a.m. EDT): We're going to leave off with this classic shot of the shuttle passing over the Statue of Liberty. Amazing:

Update (11:36 a.m. EDT): Of the myriad videos getting furiously uploaded to YouTube, this one gives one of the better views of the shuttle itself as it cruises over New York Harbor and up the Hudson:

Update (11:25 a.m. EDT): The shuttle just touched down at JFK. Welcome to New York, Enterprise!

Update (11:07 a.m. EDT): This one from Instagram user eyesofenid is kind of blurry, but the perspective is fantastic. Looks like the shuttle's flying between the buildings: 

Update (11:02 a.m. EDT): Wow, this one of the shuttle over the skyline is amazing, via the NBC News Instagram account:

Update (10:57 a.m. EDT): This one of the shuttle passing the Statue of Liberty is a little clearer, via @DarylLang:

Update (10:50 a.m. EDT): Ah, here's the one: An Instagram shot of the shuttle over the Statue of Liberty, courtesy of @Caro:

Update (10:44 a.m. EDT): Ladies and gentlemen, start your Instagrams: The shuttle has entered New York's airspace, and CNN says it will make several passes over the city before landing at JFK International Airport. New York 1's Pat Kiernan shared this shot of it passing 14th Street:

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It's going to be a great day for cell phone video and snapshots of a historic fly-by, but if you don't happen to be in a part of New York with a great view, you can still watch the Space Shuttle Enterprise fly close over the city on several different live feeds. There are going to be lots, but to save you the trouble of Googling around for them or hoping one comes your way on Twitter, here are three solid options:

  • CNN, of course, has its stream set up with no fixed vantage point, but rather following the shuttle throughout its flight. Unfortunately, we can't embed it.
  • ABC is also following the journey, and unlike CNN, it's got sound (though right now that consists of a loud humming, so you may as well mute it).
  • Finally, Animal New York has a UStream set up, with a view from its roof at 11th Avenue, in Manhattan. This is the most hometown and DIY of the bunch, and should give you the best sense of what it's like to actually see the space shuttle flying overhead while riding piggyback on a 747. Look for it sometime after 11 a.m. or so.

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