The Glamour Never Stops: Sailor Moon Edition

For background on the glamorous life of a journalist and the flow of info that makes it all worthwhile, see a few of these previous accounts.

Today in the inbox we have some very sensible cultural advice:

sailor20moon.jpgHi and I hope this finds you well!

For your love/relationship/sex advice stories, please consider [a new book on dating]'s tips...
Tips on what *NOT* to do when dating someone of a different race include:

*Do not act as though she's not American/Canadian/Australian etc. If she was raised in the same country and her parents' native country then don't act like she's a foreigner. She's not.

*Don't festishsize her. If she's Japanese, don't expect her to don a Sailor Moon outfit. [At right -- and it's me, JF, throwing in this graphic, not the author of the original press release.] If she's Indian, don't expect her to gyrate to Bollywood music.
*Don't pretend to be culturally enlightened. Chances are you're not. Just because you ate at an Ethiopian restaurant doesn't make you an expert on Africa.
*Don't stereotype. This goes without saying, but it's surprising how many people think it's totally OK to stereotype. Even if its "positive", i.e. all Indians are doctors, it's rude and ignorant. Sure I'm proud of the fact that many Indians are well-educated and smart, but not all of us are doctors. We have varying interests.

Good points all, especially about Sailor Moon. In related news, I am pleased to say that I've heard more from the team hoping for coverage of "the father of fat grafting."

Good afternoon, James
My name is ___ from Beverly Hills. I wanted to touch base with you on an email I had sent out last week. I represent Dr. ___, the original plastic surgeon 90210. Dr. ___ recently restored the lips on an uninsured skin cancer patient that was recorded live in front of an audience on NBC. I have provided the link below for your convenience.

Dr. ___ is an expert on fat grafting and I was wondering if you would be interested in setting up an interview with the world renowned plastic surgeon.James

Please contact me at your earliest convenience! I look forward to hearing from you and answering any further questions that you may have. Wishing the best to you and yours! - xxxx [JF: And this is not me blanking something out; it was "xxxx" in the original.]

In case any of the senders ever see this -- and the followup note from Beverly Hills suggests that they might not -- I actually am touched by the effort and inventiveness involved here. This ongoing chronicle is offered in a spirit of comradely amusement at the spectacle of modern life.