The Glamorous Life of a Journalist, Part 173

(Please see mea culpa update below.) For previous reminders of what you're missing if you're not in the exciting world of journalism, see here and here, with links to other installments. This is what you missed today:

Dear James,

I would like to offer you an opportunity to talk with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. XXX XXX....

In addition, Dr. XXX XXX, the 'Father of Fat Grafting', repaired the scaring and indentations from the original surgeries on [a disfigured patient's] face by using the patient's own fat from another section of his body.

Dr. XXX XXX can talk about:

·         Everything you ever wanted to know about Fat Grafting but were afraid to ask
·         Fixing Plastic Surgery mistakes and restoring their natural appearance
·         Why current beauty trends for those using Botox and fillers may come back to haunt them
·         Revision Rhinoplasty
·         And anything lending to the world of plastic surgery and the social implications.
Can I put you in touch with Dr. XXX XXX?

There is a lot I have been afraid to ask about Fat Grafting, so at last my opportunity may have come.
UPDATE: I've just wound up a very, very long trip home, and I had timed this post to go up while I was somewhere en route. As if I were still on the job! Unfortunately, I had not XXX'd out  all references to the real name of the "Father of Fat Grafting" in the press release that came in. So for a while, before my eagle-eyed colleagues in the head office spotted it, the item included the doctor's actual name.

Naturally I feel bad to have been incomplete in my editing of the PR email. On the other hand, the entire point of that mailing was to get press coverage for the doctor, under his real name. So I don't feel that bad.

Now to sleep off a 26-hour trip.