Secret Service Agent at Heart of Scandal Identified

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Arthur Huntington is the Secret Service agent who allegedly started the dispute over pay with the escort in Colombia, and the scandal has cost him his job and forced his family to move. 

CNN identified him using records from the hotel where the dispute took place. CNN attempted to contact Huntington, but didn't have any luck getting him to say anything on the record. Huntington declined comment when they called him on Thursday, so CNN went to his house and the family declined comment again, this time by closing the door forcefully when they tried to knock with a camera crew on their front lawn. Huntington left the Secret Service after the scandal was first reported. The house was put up for sale this week. 

In all, eight Secret Service agents have been released since the scandal broke, three have been relieved of any serious misconduct, and one agent's security clearance is being downgraded, which would effectively force them to resign. 

The Secret Service also unveiled a new standard and ethics policy on Friday. The AP were the first to leak the new rules for agents on duty. As they point out, the memo doesn't outlaw prostitutes or strip clubs by name, but the new rules prohibit any foreign nationals from entering an agent's hotel room and bans "patronization of non-reputable establishments," which is memo-speak for "don't go to any more strip clubs, please." Drinking is still allowed while an agent is off duty, but not within ten hours of an assignment. Politico has the whole memo uploaded here

[Image is via AP, and is a Secret Service agent, but is not Arthur Huntington. Photo has been changed to avoid confusion.]

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