Police Say Tulsa Shooters Confessed to Killings

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Police in Tulsa announced that the two white men accused of shooting five black people last Friday confessed to the shootings almost immediately after they were arrested. A police department spokesperson says that Jake England admitted to shooting three people (one of whom died) and Alvin Watts shot and killed two other victims. The victims were chosen randomly and shot by the two men as they drove around Tulsa in a pickup truck.

Police refused to discuss a possible motive or whether the prosecutors plan to file hate crime charges. England's father was murdered almost two years ago to the day of Friday's shootings and the main suspect was black man. After posting on Facebook about the anniversary of his father's death and saying "it's not hard to go off" it has been naturally assumed that the last weekend's shootings were an act of revenge. Both men have already been charged on first-degree murder charges and are being held on $9 million bail. If both men confessed, it's possible that they will be allowed to simply plead guilty to avoid a trial and a possible death penalty.

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