Photo Shows Blood on George Zimmerman's Head After Martin Shooting

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ABC News has just broadcast a never-before-seen photo that apparently shows blood on the back of George Zimmerman's head immediately after he shot Trayvon Martin. The photo would appear to back up Zimmerman's assertion that he fought with Martin, and that Martin slammed his head into the concrete sidewalk during the scuffle. It would also verify the police report that said Zimmerman was bleeding that night. ABC says that the photo was taken by a witness who arrived on scene after hearing the altercation and that metadata embedded in the photo confirms the time and location to be right after the February shooting.

It's not clear why the witness/photographer (who ABC did not identify) has not come forward earlier. However, investigators say that they have seen the photo and it apparently had no effect on Special Prosecutor Angela Corey's decision to try Zimmerman for second-degree murder. Zimmerman remains in custody, but has a bail hearing today to determine if he will be released while he awaits trial.

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