Obama on Secret Service Scandal: 'If Confirmed, I'll Be Angry'

The president is on the verge of losing his temper; all it took was a wasted Secret Service detail and 11 Colombian prostitutes.

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President Obama has made his first public acknowledgement of the sex scandal that has allegedly tied 11 Secret Service agents (including one extremely cheap one) to the services of Colombian prostitutes. And he's verging on getting angry!

Asked about the scandal at a joint press conference held with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos today, Obama said:

“If it turns out some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then, of course, I’ll be angry because my attitude with respect to Secret Service personnel is no different than what I expect out of my delegation sitting here,” Obama said in his first public comments on the incident at a Cartagena hotel last week.

“We represent the United States. When we travel to another country, I expect them to observe the highest standards because we’re not just representing ourselves. We’re here on behalf of our people and that means we conduct ourselves with the utmost dignity and probity and obviously what’s been reported does not match up with those standards,” Obama said.
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