Newark Mayor Cory Booker Rescues Woman From a Burning Building

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The mayor of Newark, New Jersey, suffered smoke inhalation and minor burns to his hands after rushing into a burning building last night to help a rescue a woman inside. Cory Booker arrived home on Thursday night to find that the two-story building next door was on fire and immediately rushed inside, followed by two members of his security detail. The mayor found a woman in an upstairs bedroom, "whipped her out of the bed," and led her outside. 

A third guard — police Detective Alex Rodriguez, who was posted at Booker's home for security — attempted to stop Booker from going inside, but Booker reportedly fought his way past him. Rodriguez himself had already been inside the building to rescue one man and warn other residents to get out, saving a few lives himself.

Booker, the woman, and all three of his guards were taken to the hospital for treatment, but none of that stopped Booker — whose political star could not be shooting any higher — from tweeting from the scene.

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