The New York Times Having Trouble Telling the Carolinas Apart

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Update 10:51 a.m.- They were in North Carolina. The Times has updated and corrected the article:

Correction: April 23, 2012

An earlier version of this article carried an erroneous dateline and contributor line.  The trial is being held in Greensboro, N.C. — not South Carolina.


Original: Despite what they're telling you, we are pretty sure that The New York Times is reporting and covering the John Edwards trial from Greensboro, North Carolina--not Greensboro, South Carolina. A North Carolinian friend of The Atlantic Wire pointed us to Times reporters Kim Severson and William Dupre reporting from a "Greensboro, S.C." in a story about the Edwards trial posted today

Have a look here:

And here: 

For the record, this blunder and the fact that it was The New York Times had us questioning our own knowledge of North Carolina and where the Edwards trial was taking place (Los Angles Times to the rescue), and if Greensboro, South Carolina was a real place (Google says it's not, though there's a Greenville). But if you do see a wayward Times reporter, be sure to point them in the right direction--they have a trial to cover! 

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