The Navy Will Give You $119 a Day After a Fighter Jet Destroys Your Home

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Devin Smith, who lived in the Virginia Beach apartment complex which was totaled by a fighter jet crash, told Reddit that she's only getting $89 per day for lodging.  "They have given us an $89 allowance a day for lodging and $30 for food," wrote Smith.  "And just a $200 for clothing. I have so much paperwork I have to do through them and they told us yesterday that we will eventually get money back for our losses....but that could take up to two years."  That housing figure seems to be about right from lodging statistics provided by the General Services Administration, but if Smith's telling the truth about her food allowance--that's $26 under what they expect their travelers to subsist on (and way under what they all spent during that now-infamous Las Vegas conference). 

Of course, there are a few questions about the truthiness of Smith's Ask Me Anything on Reddit. One being if it's actually Devin Smith, sister of Colby Smith, a resident of the totaled complex who's been interviewed by media outlets. We've emailed and messaged Reddit moderators about Smith's verification and they confirm its authenticity. And our own social media editor said Reddit's verification system, Smith's posting of photographic proof, and the fact that the thread's been up and running for so long all point to it being a legit question and answer session. 

 Smith even posted a video thanking Reddit yesterday:

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