Maryland Lottery Winner Finally Emerges But Will Remain Anonymous

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Whoever the mystery person is who claimed a share of the largest-ever lottery prize on Monday, he or she wants to stay quiet about it. Maryland's lottery, however, has a flair for the dramatic, and promises to share the winner's "storyline," if not name, at a press conference on Tuesday. The delay in coming forward allowed Baltimore's Mirlande Wilson to tell everyone she won, then ride the headlines for a whole week before doubt overshadowed her claim that she won but lost her ticket.

Now that other potential impostors have been likely chastened, the actual winner sidles up but forgoes the chance to tell his or her own story, much like the Kansas winner, who also anonymously claimed his or her share of the money. Won't anyone bask in the public spotlight? Whoever it is, we know he or she bought the ticket at a "7-Eleven on Liberty Road in Milford Mill about four hours before the drawing on March 31," as Matthew Hay Brown and Kevin Rector of The Baltimore Sun report, and will be taking home roughly $110 million after taxes. There's one more winner out there, from Illinois, and we're really hoping this one turns out to be an attention hog. Of course, what would really take this whole thing over the top would be if the winner actually did turn out to be Wilson.

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