Lexington Goes Wild as Kentucky Wins the NCAA Tournament

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One man was shot and fires were set all across Lexington, but Kentucky fans mostly behaved themselves while celebrating their eighth national championship in basketball. The Wildcats dominated for most of last night's NCAA Tournament final, but had to hold off a late Kansas rally to seal the deal with a 67-59 win. Freshman Anthony Davis — (who is a good bet for No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft this summer) won the Final Four's Most Outstanding Player despite making only 1 of 10 field goals. He controlled the rest of the game, however, with 16 rebounds, 6 blocks, 5 assists and 3 steals. He's also one of six Wildcats who expect to be playing in the NBA next year. It was head coach John Calipari's first national title after four tries at the Final Four with three different schools. The team was nearly perfect this year, losing just two games, including one on a last-second buzzer beater on the road.

Meanwhile, back in Lexington, fans poured into the streets immediately after the game to celebrate with cheering, drinking, fireworks, and the occasional couch fire. There were numerous arrests for disorderly conduct and other alcohol-related incident, and the fire department responded to around 40 incidents across the city. One man was wounded after gun shots rang out during the celebration and a car even drove into a sidewalk restaurant (though that was probably unrelated to the game.) However, police said the streets were actually calmer than they were on Saturday night, when basketball fans overturned cars and set even more fires following Kentucky's win over rival Louisville in the National Semifinal game.

Fans elsewhere had to entertain themselves by listening to the Lexington Police Department scanner, which was being streamed online and provided winning descriptions of the chaos like, "The subject was surfing on top of the car."

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