Jose Canseco Is At Least Half-Aware of What He's Doing on Twitter

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Semi-retired baseball star Jose Canseco is both unaware and too aware of his public persona when he's being crazy on Twitter, and the result is sometimes intentionally funny. What else can we conclude when when he wrote Wednesday afternoon, "Wait wait I am hearing voices they are sayingggggg can't quite make it out ,ooh yeah got it Slap A Hater."

That's a reference to people making "crazy" jokes about his infamous tweet spasms, right? And there's clearly some self-awareness, too, when he tweets, "Charlie sheen is the man." Or when he writes, "I am getting bored can anyone say something funny and original ." On the other hand, amid all the self-aware jokes, it looks like Canseco's suffering. Will there come a point when we collectively realize Jose Canseco is mentally disturbed and we feel bad about making fun of him?" @amaeryllis tweeted. (Multiple responses indicated no.) Gawker's Leah Beckmann calls today's messages "straight up worrisome."

The lastest episode -- there was a much more pleasant one in February in which Canseco asked for hugs -- seems prompted by BuzzFeed's report Tuesday about Canseco asking a female fan for a photo of her face after she direct messaged him. Canseco then responded, "Sorry I have a girlfriend I made a huge mistake." BuzzFeed's Jack Moore interpreted this as an insult to the fan's appearance, but it seems just as likely Canseco got busted by his girlfriend. After getting angry tweets, Canseco sent out a ton of tweets about haters. We can all get behind hating on haters, right? But Canseco shifts between funny and disturbing.

  • 11:15a.m.: "Slap a hater ,can't wait to confront you haters face to face on my website ."
  • 11:21a.m.: "Class in session will be part of the site ,I will teach you morons everything about life .because most of you have no life only me .I complete you"
  • 11:26a.m.: "Wake up disfunctional world time to play.won't you be my neighbor"
  • 11:29a.m.: "Welcome to my world ,coming soon .hahahaha"
  • 11:29a.m.: "Welcome to my nightmare ,come on in"
  • 11:31a.m.: "I am going to drag all you haters with me into my nightmare"
  • 11:32a.m.: "Welcome to earth"
  • 11:33a.m.: "I am here I a simple mission to slap a hater and complete you"
  • 11:46a.m.: "Haters look in the mirror now do me a favor and slap yourself"
  • 12:04p.m.: "Slap a hater then hug him right after"
  • 12:30p.m.: "I am a part of all of you .the good the bad and the ugly"
  • 12:55p.m.: "I am getting bored can anyone say something funny and original ."
  • 1:05p.m.: "If god was a man and we are created in his image then why dl we look so different and what are woman"
  • 1:32p.m.: "So if half my followers love me and half hate me who is right ,I think we have a war about to begin"
  • 1:38p.m.: "Life is terrifying and funny"

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