Grumpy Old Man Drops an F-Bomb On Sean Hannity's Show

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A dazed and confused Robert Beckel livened up a debate Hannity last night when unleashed a curse word at a fellow panelist, then refused to believe he was actually on the air. Beckel — a former Democratic campaign strategist who co-hosts a different show on the Fox News network — was arguging with panelist Jennifer Stefano during a break in Sean Hannity's show, when he shouted, "If you say that Head Start is a failure you don't know what the fuck you're talking about!"

(Video via BuzzFeed)

When Hannity told him to apologize, Beckel initially refused, believing the show was still in the commercial break. He eventually realized his mistake and embarrassingly apologized to viewers (and also on Twitter.) But he still blamed Hannity for not running his show better and letting him slip up.

We also find it interesting that Hannity says it's okay to curse off the air, but not on the air. Why can't people say things on TV that we say to each other all the time? If someone can curse out Jennifer Stefano (who immediately turned swearing into a liberal issue) in the green room, they should be able to do it in front of the rest of America. 

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