Dramatic Video of Wallace, Jennings, Gingrich, and 'North Kosan'

When I was writing Breaking the News back in the mid-1990s, and the associated "Why We Hate the Media" article for the Atlantic, the age of streaming video was not yet at hand. I had a hard time finding and getting to see the famous PBS "Ethics in America" program, from a few years earlier, in which Mike Wallace and Peter Jennings had their showdown about how reporters should behave in combat situations. Eventually I ordered bulky and costly video tapes from some archive house.

I mentioned the Jennings-Wallace encounter two days ago in an observance of Mike Wallace's death. Sincere thanks to reader E.H., of York University in the UK, who has written in with a link to streaming video of this program and the rest of the Ethics in America series. The series overview is here, from Annenberg Learner. The specific program I was talking about is #7, and while it's all interesting, the part I was describing begins 30 minutes in. I predict that if you start watching there you will find it worthwhile. The video player comes up as a pop-up window, which some browsers block. If you have trouble, try this link.

The "Ethics in America" series was shot in 1989. Among its fascinations now is a look at many still-prominent public figures at an earlier stage of their careers. Here, for instance, is Rep. Newt Gingrich on the show, in his mid-40s.

Thumbnail image for Newt1989.png

Thanks to EH for the lead; thanks to the designers of the Ethics in America series and to Charles Ogletree for his excellent moderation of this discussion; and thanks to all at Annenberg and elsewhere for putting them on line.