Booker vs. Bloomberg: A Heroism Face-Off

As the tri-state area and beyond congratulate Cory Booker for saving a woman from a fire and basically out-superhero-ing the nonchalant snack man and hero Ryan Gosling, we wonder how New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg feels.

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As the tri-state area and beyond congratulates Newark Mayor Cory Booker for saving a woman from a fire and totally out-superheroing the nonchalant snack man and Ryan Gosling, we wonder how New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg feels. After all, in a compare/contrast list of the things they've done, Bloomberg sort of falls short in the "saving a woman from a burning home" department. Does this mean, however, that he is not a hero? We've compiled a few key moments in the history of both mayors for a compelling face-off between the two. We'll start with today's news:

Cory Booker... Rushed into a burning building last night to help rescue a woman inside, whipping her out of bed and outside, suffering smoke inhalation and burns to his hands. In doing so, he defied his security detail, who had tried to hold him back. He also believed he might not escape with his life.

Mike Bloomberg... Is almost at the top of the "ultraexclusive waiting list" to purchase a hybrid helicopter-plane that will cost between $5 million and $30 million. One time, when it was very foggy and La Guardia was delayed, per The Times' Christine Haughney, "the mayor and several lawmakers were waiting to travel to Albany for a news conference on state pension reform. So Mr. Bloomberg offered to fly his guests, who included James P. Molinaro, the Staten Island borough president; Thomas M. Roach, the mayor of White Plains; a mayoral aide, Micah C. Lasher; and a security officer, in his helicopter instead." Haughney also writes:

Back in 1976, when Mr. Bloomberg was training to become a pilot, he nearly encountered disaster as he flew alone off the coast of Connecticut.

“I wasn’t sure what was going on in the engine compartment behind me, but I certainly knew I was falling and couldn’t breathe. I was going down,” he wrote in his autobiography. He landed on an island and ultimately put out the helicopter fire himself.

Cory Booker...Was celebrated for his efforts spent shoveling snow and digging cars out during the 2010 blizzard, and personally delivered diapers to a woman in need of them for her baby.

Mike Bloomberg...Was in Bermuda at the time. Probably.

Cory Booker... Says he didn't know about that whole NYPD spying on Muslims thing, though the NYPD says he did.

Mike Bloomberg... Says what the NYPD was doing was constitutional.

Cory Booker... Was in a "real-life television series on the city of Newark’s politics, crime and effort toward community renewal."

Mike Bloomberg... Is one of the richest people in the U.S. and owns a television network, among other things. And he's been on a bunch of good shows, including 30 Rock, where he famously uttered the words "Subway. Hero?" And one time he proclaimed it Gossip Girl day.

Cory Booker... Is 41 (his birthday's coming up!), single, and has been linked to Arianna Huffington.

Mike Bloomberg... Is 70, was born on Valentine's Day, and has a long-term relationship with Diana Taylor, with whom he lives.

They both... Speak Spanish, sorta:

Cory Booker...Tweets his phone number to the citizens of Newark in times of blizzards and other emergencies.

Mike Bloomberg... Tweets this:

Well, heroes come in all shapes and sizes!

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