Arby's Is Messing with the Wrong Slice of America

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On Wednesday, Arby's inflamed the conservative blogosphere with the announcement on Twitter that it will no longer advertise on Rush Limbaugh's show. Big mistake. The statement probably would've blown over, like all the rest of them, but Arby's moves following the announcement have awakened a sleeping giant. Shortly after its statement, the Arby's Twitter account went on a rampage blocking users who disagreed with the franchise, as Twitchy reported

Arby's! Not a smart move. Maybe you think you're serving a lot liberals with your delicious Jamocha shakes but you're first and foremost a fast food chain, and if you knew anything about fast food customers, you'd be careful not to anger conservative America. As we speak, the blogging foot soldiers of the right (Michelle Malkin, Instapundit, iOwn the World, etc) are raising hell and the sandwich peddler better hope it doesn't catch on. As studies have shown, conservatives are more likely to consume fast food than liberals. The latest of these was gathered by a collective intelligence decision-making system at last year, which found that "liberals are 92 percent more likely to eat fast food rarely or never." Meanwhile: "Conservatives are 64 percent more likely to eat fast food a few times per week." They even made a big infographic

Arby's, we're starting to think you took last month's Web parody, Downton Arby's, a little too seriously. You're not running some lefty European food market. Get it together! 

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