Anonymous Kansas Mega Millions Winner Is More Laid Back Than You

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We have a winner. One of the three mystery Mega Millions lottery winners has finally come forward, and it's not Mirlande Wilson. This winner, who will take a one-time lump-sum payment of approximately $157 million before taxes, has chosen to go the quiet route, remaining anonymous. (And, unlike Wilson, actually having a ticket with the winning numbers on it.) Kansas Lottery officials announced the news Friday at a press conference in Topeka. Lotto winners of Kansas can choose not to reveal their names to the public, so what we do know about the winner, who is one very lucky individual and not a group, is limited. Via MSNBC's James Eng,

The winner has retained legal counsel and "looks forward to retiring," [Dennis Wilson, Kansas Lottery executive director] said.

The winning ticket was purchased at a convenience store in the eastern Kansas town of Ottawa, Wilson said.

Also, this person didn't even check their ticket until Monday, three whole days after the numbers were announced. How leisurely. 

The excitement continues, however! Two other winning tickets were sold in Maryland and Illinois, and the winners have yet to come forward (unless you count Wilson, whom you probably shouldn't). Those winning numbers again, if you are so incredibly chill that you haven't checked your ticket, either: 2-4-23-38-46 and the Mega Ball 23.

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