Alleged Oakland Shooter Apparently Snapped Over a Tuition Dispute

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One Goh, the former nursing student arrested for a shooting spree at an Oakland university, may face the death penalty for seven murder and three attempted murder charges, all apparently stemming from a dispute over tuition. In the aftermath of one of the state's deadliest-ever mass shootings, the notion that something as trivial as a money gripe drove Goh to open fire on students at the religious university makes the whole thing all the more tragic. 

Ellen Cervellon, the head of the school's nursing program, told the Associated Press she thought she was One's target, and police said on Wednesday they thought so too. One, a former nursing student who dropped out, "had been upset after dropping out of the nursing program because school officials would not fully refund his tuition, Cervellon said," according to the AP. Tuition at the school runs from $150 to $390 per unit, depending on the course, according to the school's website, but the school doesn't post the cost of nursing courses. 

Cervellon had been teaching at another school when the shooting started on Monday, she said. One was arraigned on Wednesday, and the special circumstance of multiple killings could lead to a sentence of death, or at the very least, life in prison, prosecutors told The Oakland Tribune.

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