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Catherine Greig, the woman who went on the run with Boston crime legend Whitey Bulger, faces as little as three years in prison after pleading guilty Wednesday afternoon to helping hide Bulger from authorities for 16 years. And, she won't have to testify against him. But if the family of one of Bulger's 19 alleged murder victims has any sway with a federal judge, she'll go away for a lot longer. "She’s not what she appears to be.... She’s a monster," Steve Davis, the brother of one of Bulger's alleged victims, told the court before Greig offered her plea, according to the Boston Globe. Greig pleaded guilty to three charges that each carry a maximum sentence of five years, according to the Associated Press. "But prosecutors told families of people believed killed by Bulger that Greig could face less than three years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines." The AP also reported that Greig's deal didn't require her to testify against Bulger. According to the Globe, the judge told Greig she could face more time if she declined to testify against Bulger, "but family members of Bulger’s victims have said that prosecutors told them that she wouldn’t be called to testify." So they're hoping she gets as much time as possible, right off the bat.

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