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Updated (5:06) The rash of twisters wreaking havoc on the South this week has apparently claimed an entire town in Southern, Indiana. Clark County Sheriff's Department Maj. Chuck Adamstold reporters that the town of Marysville is "completely gone." A little after 5 p.m. the Associated Press reported, "Indiana Department of Homeland Security confirms 3 dead after tornadoes hit southern Indiana."

In the nearby town of Henryville, a tornado destroyed the town's high school, trapping students and faculty inside, according to blogger Steve Huff. The storm system remains strong and is still producing more twisters. National Weather Service meteorologist John Gordon told the press that the worst could still be on the way, as the front moves into central Kentucky and Tennessee. "It could be very, very bad," he said. We won't know for some time the extent of the damage, and the story is developing as the storm progresses. Thanks to Twitter, however, we already have images of the twister (above), just "before it crossed I-65" near Henryville.

Watch MSNBC's live coverage of the recovery efforts:

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Note: The purple line represents the drive from Henryville to Marysville. The path of the tornado isn't yet clear. 

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