Super Nannies, Robot Snails, and the Problem With Standing Your Ground

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Top Stories: The Trayvon Martin case is raising questions about Florida's "stand your ground" law. Syrians see no way out of their ongoing conflict.

Health: A Supreme Court ruling has made it nearly impossible to sue generic drug makers for damages from side effects, even though the companies who make the brand name versions are liable for selling the same drug.

Politics: After last night's defeat in Illinois, Pennsylvania becomes Rick Santorum's last hope. After being a major political issue two years ago, "right to work" bills are having trouble moving forward in state legislatures.

U.S.: Older nuclear reactors will see their licenses expire soon, but owners can't afford the expensive process of shutting them down.

Business: Ben Bernanke gave a speech to college students yesterday shredding the arguments for going back to the gold standard.

Opinion: The problem in Uganda is not Joseph Kony, but the political forces that allowed him to thrive.

Recommended Reading

Food/Wine: How the crop of 1982 Bordeaux wines invented the modern age of wine marketing. Home kitchens everywhere are filled with useless and expensive gadgets that never lived up to the promise their owners hoped for.

TV: Professional archaeologists are upset about a new reality show about people who dig up backyards looking for treasure.

Books: A review of “Revelations," a survey of "this most savage and peculiar book of the New Testament."

Theater: Failing Broadway shows try to hang on as long as they can in the hope of turning the brand into more successful road shows.

Sports: How the Denver Broncos won over Peyton Manning.

Science: Darpa and other scientists are trying to turn snails and cockroaches into helpful cyborgs as an alternative to miniature robots.

Sunday Magazine: Unchecked vegetation growth has taken over the Ninth Ward in New Orleans since being devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Elite nannies in New York City — those with special skills who sign their lives over to the wealthy family they work for — can make more money than doctors.


Photo Gallery of the Day: Scenes from the Illinois primary.

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