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Game Change, HBO's docudrama about the McCain-Palin presidential bid, pulled in 2.1 million viewers on Saturday night. The New York Times' Bill Carter reports that the film, based on Mark Halerpin and John Heilemann's behind-the-scenes book about the 2008 presidential campaign, received the highest ratings for an HBO original movie in eight years.

For her part, the former Alaska governor and controversial vice presidential candidate tried to get her followers to tune to ReelzChannel, for the television premiere of a more complimentary film about her. The Undefeated aired the following night. "To get the true story, please watch the premiere of The Undefeated tonight on the REELZ channel at 8pm ET.," she tweeted Sunday. "You can follow this link for the REELZ channel listing in your area," she followed up. No word yet from Reelz what the ratings for The Undefeated were, but it's hard to imagine they'd be stellar given the fact that the movie grossed $116,000 at the box office this summer.

One of the reason's HBO's version of Palin's story might have done so well with viewers may have been lead actress, Julianna Moore's scary accurate portrayal of Palin, which can be viewed side-by-side with the original in this video:


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