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Want a sweet gig in the Obama administration? Raising some money for his presidential campaign might just be your best bet for landing one. In the grand tradition of American presidents throwing cushy jobs to supporters, The Washington Post's T.W. Farnam writes that Obama has doled out ambassadorships, at the same rate as the Bush administration (24 in total), despite all those promises by the former in 2008 to enact "the most sweeping ethics reform in history." That Obama handed out posts (47 administration jobs to top bundlers overall) shouldn't be surprising. Presidential candidates frequently break promises, especially if that candidate promises not to do something all his predecessors have done.

The Post reports that big donors are being sent to places like Finland, Australia, and the Bahamas, not exactly enemy territory. But there can be consequences:

Luxembourg Ambassador Cynthia Stroum, a Seattle venture capitalist who raised $500,000 for Obama, was also criticized in an inspector general’s report, which said she sent her staff on a house-hunting mission, billed the government for bedding after being told she couldn’t and was “keenly interested” in the materials used for remodeling two bathrooms in her residence.

"Most employees describe the ambassador as aggressive, bullying, hostile, and intimidating," inspectors wrote of Stroum.

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