The Mommy Madam Case Just Got a Little More Interesting

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We're back in business with the Mommy Madam story: Jaynie Mae Baker, the matchmaker accused of being Anna Gristina's second in command, turned herself in Tuesday. New York Post editors are among the media representatives who seem quite thrilled that she is attractive:

The stunning online matchmaker accused of running an Upper East Side brothel with the alleged Hockey Mom Madam was hauled into court in handcuffs yesterday, but looked no worse for wear.

Fresh from a sunny “get-away” on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Jaynie Mae Baker, 30, finally clicked into court in brown high heels, wearing snug tan slacks and with her strawberry blond hair falling in ringlets halfway down the back of her satiny pale blue blouse.

What do we know about Baker? Melissa Grace and Tracy Connor, writing in the Daily News, call her the "missing glamour girl in the Manhattan Madam case." Her lawyer is Robert Gottlieb. She lives in Williamsburg, has done charity work in New York soup kitchens and Romanian orphanages, and has pleaded "not guilty" to a charge of promoting prostitution. She is, according to Gottlieb, "a legitimate dating service matchmaker," working as a recruiter for VIP Life "a high-end Union Square matchmaking service that pairs monied men with pedigreed women." [Hm.] Her "on again off again sweetheart," investment banker Marcus Laun, put up the deed to his house as bond for her release. She had, prior to turning herself in, been in Mexico on vacation with her sister, apparently without realizing she was under indictment -- though the news, prosecutor Charles Linehan pointed out, had broken when she took her flight. "She was still on vacation, [her lawyer] said, when she learned from friends and Facebook that her name had surfaced and reporters were outside her Williamsburg, Brooklyn, pad." From Facebook! How awkward! Linehan says the case against her, "buttressed by audio and video recordings, was strong."

More importantly, she is basically tabloid perfection, per the Daily News:

Her strawberry-blond hair flowed over her shoulders as she spoke only two words in a soft voice: “Not guilty.”

She faces seven years in prison if convicted. And now that she's back and adding some much-needed glam... on with the case itself. 

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