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Rush Limbaugh has added singer Cee-Lo Green to the list of folks he thinks the media is letting off as they criticize the radio show host for his attacks on a Georgetown Law student. Green got some notice when he performed his hit single "F*** You" (known on the radio, tragically, as "Forget You") at an Obama campaign event hosted by Tyler Perry in Atlanta on Friday. On his show Monday, Limbaugh wondered why Obama would worry about his daughters in the wake of Limbaugh's attacks on Sandra Fluke but not that they might be exposed to such a coarse song that has 66 million views on YouTube. Quoth Limbaugh:

His daughters, Malia and Sasha.  He thought about them.  What about this guy Cee Lo Green? And Cee Lo Green can sing what he wants. I don't care.  But here it is at an Obama fundraiser on the same stage Obama will take not long after Cee Lo Green sings the tune. Yep.  Double standard, single standard, whatever. Pure hypocrisy. I know. But the point is it isn't getting any press, nor is it getting any condemnation. But don't doubt me when I tell you it's noticed. It's noticed.

So, add Green to the list of people—Bill Maher, prominent among them—Limbaugh and his defenders think are getting off easy for their salty language.

For what it's worth, it appears President Obama hadn't yet arrived at the fundraiser when Green performed his song, though we're sure he's heard about it by now. (Contrary to Limbaugh's comments, the media is in fact covering it.) Green also apologized on Twitter, writing to a critic, “It was a mistake sir. All of you heard the song a thousand times so don’t get all saint on me."

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