Gunmen Open Fire on a Miami Funeral

A bizarre gang war erupted at a funeral in Miami. Two are dead, 12 injured.

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A "dispute among gang members" is what The Miami Herald is saying led to gunmen opening fire on a crowd of mourners gathered outside a funeral home in the north end of the city on Friday night, injuring 12 and killing two. One is a 43-year-old man, who died of his injuries outside the Funeraria Latina Emanuel; the other, a 27-year-old man, died later at the hospital. A five-year-old girl was among the wounded, shot in the leg; she is listed as stable. The story details are exceedingly strange.

The funeral was for Morvin Andre, 21, a nursing student who was killed on March 16 after he tried to jump out of the fourth floor of a mall parking garage fleeing "Bloomingdale's loss prevention employees." Andre landed on his feet after the 22-foot plunge, but then fell backwards and sustained a fatal head injury. Andre was not in a gang, but apparently had many friends who were, and rival members were in attendance when "someone touched Andre's body in the casket, setting off an argument that spilled out into the street." Members of one gang then left and returned with an assault rifle and handgun stored in a nearby car, and opened fire on the crowd of about 100.

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