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A flight attendant who told a plane full of passengers that their flight was going to crash will not  engender the kind of sympathy that America's famous Jet Blue flight attendant's freak-out did. An American Airlines employee had what sounds like a breakdown Friday morning, preventing her flight from taking off from Dallas. The Dallas Morning News assembled reports that after an American Airlines flight left the gate, an attendant got on the PA system to rant about American Airlines's bankruptcy. One eyewitness tells the News:

"She was addressing the captain, telling him not to take off, that it would not be her responsibility when the plane crashes and that it was going to crash. Then she was tackled by first-class passengers, who threw her against the wall."


The tackling has us thinking of Kristen Wiig's character in Bridesmaids. Of course it also sort of recalls the most prominent instance of a flight attendant reaching the end of his patience. Back in August 2010, Jet Blue employee Steven Slater started ranting to the entire plane before releasing the emergency door and exiting via one of those inflatable slide/life rafts. By the time he got out of prison, he was famous

This poor flight attendant sounds like she might have some problems she needs to work out, but being a beloved celebrity like Slater certainly won't be one of them, and with good reason. Americans like to hear about our own terrible habits as airline customers. We do not like to hear about plane crashes while sitting on airplanes. (Unless you are actually preventing one, but the Dallas flight has since taken off without problems, so we're doubtful she had any basis for her warnings.) In fact, this sounds like a really harrowing incident for the passengers on the plane. Americans do like a snazzy exit. We've always admired the inflatable slides and Slater actually got to deploy one, making for an awesome getaway. (He didn't get very far.) Our Dallas flight attendant got tackled by some passengers while terrifying some others. Not the way to America's heart. 


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