Arrests, Gunfire, and Rioting Canadians: It Must Be St. Patrick's Day

From Zuccotti Park to Indianapolis to Ontario, St. Patrick's Day was marked by arrests and mayhem.

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When the booziest celebration of the year falls on a Saturday night, complications are bound to arise. And that was precisely the case with last night's St. Patrick's Day festivities, which resulted in violence and rioting everywhere from Indianapolis to Ontario, and yet another raid on Zuccotti Park. A roundup of last night's mayhem:

The six-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement was celebrated with a gathering in lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park. Demonstrators "had been chanting and holding impromptu meetings" for hours, the AP reports, and had begun to "set up tents ... They had sleeping bags," according to New York Police Det. Brian Sessa. NYPD announced on bullhorns that the park would be closing at 11:30 p.m., whereupon protesters locked arms and sat down. Police then stormed the park and scattered the crowd, arresting the small group that stayed behind.

At around 10:00 p.m., someone fired at a crowd gathered at Indianapolis's popular Canal Walk. The sound "sent people scrambling," The Indianapolis Star reports, and five teenagers were struck by the gunfire. Miraculously, Indianapolis Police Chief Paul Ciesielski said "none of the teens' injuries were believed to be life-threatening" and that investigators "had talked to three of them, along with other witnesses." Three of the teens have been released from the hospital, and no arrests have yet been made.

In a rare Canadian riot that had nothing to do with hockey, the city of London, Ontario, has estimated the damage done by St. Patrick's Day rioters to be $100,000. Cars were flipped over and set on fire, and police were pelted with glass bottles and other debris by the crowd. Eleven arrests have been made so far, seven of whom are students from a nearby college.

Footage of the rioters in action:

Pictured: Members of the Occupy Wall St. movement are arrested by NYPD officers after protesting at Zuccotti park in New York [Reuters]

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