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We do not know exactly what happened with the Morgan Stanley executive arrested for balking on his fare and then stabbing the cab driver outside his home, but we do know that William Bryan Jennings is in for a hell of a time in the press. According to the Connecticut Post, Jennings (not to be confused with "cross of gold" populist William Jennings Bryan) took a cab to his multi-million-dollar home in Connecticut. The cabbie says Jennings got racially abusive after refusing to pay a $200 fare from New York and he locked the banker in the car to go find a cop, during which time Jennings stabbed him in the hand with a pen knife. Jennings told the Connecticut Post through his lawyer that the cabbie tried to charge him $300 and then locked him in and threatened to take him back to the city when Jennings disputed the fare. Whatever version of the story is true, Jennings, the co-head of fixed income and capital markets at Morgan Stanley, was briefly in custody, but is now out on bail and facing assault, theft, and hate-crime charges. Jennings is on leave from his own job right now, reports Business Insider, and we'd imagine if he leaves his Darien, Connecticut, house at all, he'll be driving himself.

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