As Tornado Death Toll Mounts, a Living Baby is Found 10 Miles From Home

As the death toll climbs from yesterday's record-breaking storms across the central and southern U.S., a miraculous discovery leaves many asking, "How?"

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The swarm of tornadoes and accompanying violent storms that ripped through much of the central and southern parts of the country yesterday have claimed the lives of at least 37, the AP reports. 19 dead were found in Kentucky, 14 in Indiana, three in Ohio and one in Alabama, according to USA Today, and tornadoes also were reported in Mississippi, Tennessee, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. That number is all but certain to climb dramatically, as rescuers today sorted through the wreckage in search of the missing, only to find entire rural communities "completely gone." The most astonishing story comes from Salem, Indiana, where a baby girl was discovered alone in a field, a full ten miles south of where her family is from. A spokesperson at the local hospital said they are still trying to figure out how the baby, who is alive but in critical condition, ended up that far away from home. The total number of tornadoes spotted since Friday -- 97 -- put this on track to be the largest storm outbreak ever recorded in March. To see them mapped out on USA Today's graphic is downright chilling.

UPDATE: The Telegraph has the story of the baby girl, whose entire family perished in the storms. Their bodies were found close to where she was discovered.

UDPATE 2: The baby has died from her injuries, USA Today reports.

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