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A 39-year-old man from Porltand, Oregon, has been arrested and charged with sending envelopes containing threatening letters and white powder to members of Congress. The AP reports that Christopher Lee Carlson was taken into custody in Portland on Friday and indicted on two criminal counts in connection with the mailing of around 100 such letters this past February. All were postmarked in Portland and have so far tested negative for any toxic substances. 

The letters, which were sent to politicians like House Speaker John Boehner and Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, told the recipient that there was a "10 percent chance you have just been exposed to a lethal pathogen," and demanded an "end to corporate money and `lobbying,'" as well as an end to corporate "personhood" and a new constitutional convention, according to a copy obtained by the AP. 

The return address was listed as "The MIB" at "2413 NW Burnside" in Portland. "But no such address exists," The Oregonian notes,
"because there is no Northwest Burnside Street."


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