$640 Million Lotto Jackpot Split by Three People Who Aren't You

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The biggest lottery jackpot in the history of mankind -- $640 million smackeroos, which works out to a lump sum payout of $247 million after the government takes its share -- has a winner. Rather, it has three winners, as winning tickets to last night's Mega Millions draw were sold in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland. Maryland Lottery Director Stephen Martino spoke to Today this morning from the parking lot outside the Baltimore 7-Eleven where that state's winning ticket was sold. (It was a Quick Pick.) The winning ticket in Illinois was sold at the Moto Mart in the small town of Red Bud, not far from St. Louis. The Kansas Lottery website says their state's winning ticket was "sold in the northeast region." So far no one has claimed their prize. As inconceivably huge as that payout was, it still proved profitable for state governments: $1.5 billion in tickets were sold for the draw, some of which probably came out of your own pocket.  On the plus side, you might have just dodged an $82 million bullet. (And just to avoid confusion, the winning numbers were 02-04-23-38-46, and the Mega Ball 23.) 

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