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A crane dropped a load of girders at the World Trade Center construction site in New York, but instead of a new tragedy, the accident wound up being a photo opportunity as the steel fell neatly onto the back of a flatbed truck, where they almost look like they belong. Early reports, including Gothamist's and a tweet from New York emergency services watcher @Breaking911 say there may be one minor injury, but a brief in The Wall Street Journal said there were none. Either way, that's pretty darned lucky, considering the 60-foot long beams weigh several tons and, according to Gothamist, fell 40 stories. Most amazing, however, is the trajectory that landed them on the back that truck, which people with vantage points immediately started sharing on Twitter.

Christian Post reporter Luiza Oleszczuk shared the above shot, saying the load dropped when a cable snapped. Instagram user Daniel Distant snapped this one from closer up:

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