Westminster's Invisible Stars, Scientist-Politicians, and a 19-Year-Old Crime Solved

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Top Stories: Greece should look at Portugal, which has done all that the European Union has asked of it to get bailout money, and is still going deeper into debt. Why doesn't America have more scientists in politics, like many other countries do?

Opinion: Despite the bluster, Iran is isolated and may be ready to negotiate. Peter Beinart's new book argues that the greatest danger to Israel today is a sense of Jewish "victimhood" that keeps it from using its power responsibly.

Crime: A man wanted for a million-dollar armored car robbery in England in 1993 was finally found and arrested in Missouri.
Health: "Novelty seeking" is a personality trait long associated with anti-social and dangerous behavior, but now researchers say it's vital to a healthy personality.

Technology: A widely used method of data encryption has an unexpected weakness that could compromise the security of many large websites.

Food: A celebrated chef brings his version of the hot dog to Paris.

Politics: The individual health care mandate was actually developed years ago by the same conservatives who now seek to kill it.

Sports: At the Westminster Kennel Club show, the pressure is on the less-noticed handlers as well as the dogs. The girls basketball team at Nazareth High School in Brooklyn is 14-1 despite the death of their coach mid-season and the news that their school will be shut down at the end of the year.

Obituaries: Dory Previn, a singer-songwriter whose marriage to composer Andre Previn ended after his famous affair with Mia Farrow.

Photo Gallery of the Day: The final day of the Westminster Kennel Club show.

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