TV Ratings Tricks, Christo's New Art, and Facebook's Big Winners

A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times.

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Now that The New York Times pay wall is live, you only get 20 free clicks a month. For those worried about hitting their limit, we're taking a look through the paper each morning to find the stories that can make your clicks count.

Top Stories: How TV networks play tricks with their shows and schedules to make ratings look better than they actually are. Facebook's IPO is about to make a lot of unlikely people (like the graffiti artist who was paid in stock options instead of cash) into millionaires and even billionaires.

Politics: How Nevada has changed politically and economically since Mitt Romney won it in 2008.

Opinion: Nick Kristof asks "Where are the Romney Republicans?" ... the George Romney moderates.

Art: Residents in Colorado are still fighting over the artist Christo's next project, stringing six miles of fabric over the Arkansas River.

Fashion: Lisbeth Salander, the girl in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is making an impact in the world of punk fashion. Hong Kong tailors comes to America to measure customers for top of the line suits.

Travels: Crashes are rare, but there other dangers to watch out for when going on a cruise.

Health: Exercise may help remove "garbage" from the body's cells.

Books: "In Our Prime" looks at the phenomenon of middle age and our anxiety about ending up there.

Obituaries: Angelo Dundee, a long-time boxing trainer who worked with Muhammad Ali and other champions.

Photo Gallery of the Day: Federal Donuts, a restaurant that combines donuts and fried chicken in Philadelphia. (Also a review of the restaurant.)

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