Rutgers Claims It Had No Clue the NYPD Was Spying on Muslim Students

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Following this morning's report that the NYPD was snooping on Muslim students, Rutgers has released a statement distancing itself from the NYPD's unsanctioned spying. From the University:

Rutgers University had no knowledge at the time that the New York Police Department (NYPD) was conducting surveillance near the university’s campuses in Newark and New Brunswick. Once the university learned that these activities had occurred, Rutgers was informed that the NYPD’s investigation was not within the university’s legal jurisdiction. The university was not aware that members of the Rutgers community were allegedly targets of this investigation. 

But, the administration plays it safe, also saying that it would sanction the investigation. "Given the concerns raised by members of the Rutgers community, the university would welcome a thorough investigation by the NYPD of these activities," continues the statement. 

Update: Rutgers clarified its statement in an email to The Atlantic Wire, saying not that it would welcome an investigation of its students, but an NYPD led investigation of the NYPD. 

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