A Rough Valentine's Day for Flower Delivery People

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Yesterday was anything but rosy for the customer service departments at America's biggest flower delivery outfits, as they spent most of the day fielding very angry (and very public) complaints from dissatisfied consumers. Take a look at the Twitter and Facebook pages for both 1-800-Flowers and FTD Flowers and you'll find beleaguered social media managers attempting to defuse hundreds of angry outbursts from young lovers suffering from delayed, incorrect, or simply missing orders and impossible wait times for customer service help. ("Follow, DM, Sorry, and please be patient" seemed to be the running theme.) Given the sheer volume of complaints it's easy to see why the deliverers couldn't keep up. It was a heroic, but probably futile effort at damage control.

For most of their customers, this might be the only day of the year that they order flowers for someone and the experience was clearly not what they hope for. The picture above, posted by one disappointed Tumblr user, illustrated just one example of the difference between what one orders and one might actually get when overwhelmed florists try in vain to meet the crushing demand of Valentine's Day.

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What you see below is just a tiny fraction of the attempts at reconciliation:

Of course, misplaced daisies and late deliveries aren't the only bad news that one gets on Valentine's Day. Twitter and Tumblr maven Katie Notopoulos took time out of from her holiday to catalog tweets from those who had the unfortunately singular experience of being dumped on Valentine's Day. You can check her feed for the misery and ponder who had the worse Valentine's Day — the romantically dumped ... or the dumped upon flower people.

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