RFK's Son Arrested After Maternity Ward Scuffle

The oldest son of Robert F. Kennedy was arrested after getting into a physical altercation with two nurses who attempted to prevent him from removing his newborn son from a maternity ward.

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For your random criminal complaint news of the day, how about this story about Douglas Kennedy, eldest child of Robert F. Kennedy and a correspondent for Fox News, being arraigned after a fracas at a maternity ward? According The New York Times, Kennedy, 44, defied the instructions of nurses on duty at Northern Westchester Hospital on January 7, who told him he could not leave the hospital with his newborn son, Bo, who his wife Molly had delivered two days prior. An argument ensued, and Kennedy "twisted an arm of one of the nurses as she blocked a doorway to a stairwell, and kicked the other nurse," who said Kennedy "raised his right foot and with tremendous force kicked me in the left side of my pelvic area."

Kennedy was arrested, and was arraigned on Thursday. An attorney for Kennedy said his client just wanted to take his son out for some fresh air, when one nurse began "lunging to grab the child," and that Kennedy was only acting in self-defense. The nurses' lawyer maintain no "lunging" occurred, and now both are still in pain from injuries incurred. Both are "probably" going to pursue a civil case. Watch WNBC's story here, which includes security footage of the incident. In it, you can see the confrontation, followed by the second nurse falling to the ground. The report also says Kennedy himself was knocked down just out of the camera's view, with Bo tucked under his arm. The baby wasn't harmed.

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