One Arrest So Far in Occupy's Midtown March

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Occupy Wall Street is shaking its dust off with a march and series of rallies in Manhattan and elsewhere Wednesday and so far one person's been arrested and turnout's been relatively low. Police have been thick on the ground, but for the most part they've been playing defense, preventing the estimated 60 or 70 protesters from getting to the headquarters of Pfizer, where they had planned to demonstrate. At their peak, tens of thousands have participated in Occupy marches. The one person arrested was on a bike, and Citizen Radio's Allison Kilkenny tweeted that police took him in for stopping traffic on 42nd Street.

There may be more arrests before the end of the day, however, as protesters plan to leave Bryant Park, where they're currently gathered to hear Rolling Stone's Matt Taibi speak, and take a tour of Bank of America branches in Manhattan, which they'll try to shut down, according to a plan posted on Occupy's website. The tour's set to wind up at the Bank of America Tower near Bryant Park, where another direct action is planned. Judging by the heavy police presence, the protest is taking no one by surprise, so more arrests could certainly be in this action's future.

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