Michelle Obama Surprises Some White House Visitors More Than Others

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Visitors to the White House know that their tours rarely bring them into contact with its famous residents, but today, First Lady Michelle Obama (and First Dog Bo) surprised visitors with a hug-filled meet-and-greet. Of course, a crew of two video cameras were at the ready to livestream Ms. Obama's interactions with the awestruck visitors. Some kept their cool made small talk with Michelle about sports and hometowns. But our favorites we're the kids who just couldn't contain their excitement.

The youngs...

"Oh my God, oh my God!"

...and the elderly

...and this man (center), who has the following wonderful interaction with Michelle Obama. If only we were this bold.

  • "I'm Ronald McDonald."
  • "Oh, I never thought I'd meet you."
  • "They made me leave my shoes with the Hamburglar."

We're assuming guests were required to meet the First Lady shoeless?

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