London's Unemployed Youth, Prisoners of Our Terror Wars, and More Linsanity

A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times.


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Now that The New York Times pay wall is live, you only get 20 free clicks a month. For those worried about hitting their limit, we're taking a look through the paper each morning to find the stories that can make your clicks count.

Top Stories: Iran's flurry of activity this week suggests that the pressure is on the country's leaders to act in the face of increasing Western aggression. An examination of young people in London who face an unprecedented shortage of job opportunities. The Sierra Club tries to explain why it took $26 million in donations from one of the nation's biggest energy companies.

Opinion: The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq can never end as long as prisoners continue to be held in detention without charges. Buzz Bissinger defends Philadelphia's newspapers from a possible sale that would put them in the hands of powerful political interests.

Science: After a highly-publicized emails leak attempted to discredit climate scientists, a new leak shows how the other side tries to fight back and undermine the teaching of global warming in schools.

Politics: Both sides of the birth control debate think they have a winning issue with voters. House members running for Senate are struggling to overcome the low opinion of those who hold their current position.

Sports: New York's Chinatown residents find it difficult to follow new hero Jeremy Lin, due to an ongoing blackout of Knicks games on Manhattan's biggest cable provider. Lin's grandmother is becoming a major celebrity back in Taiwan.

New York: Police in New York are concerned about the possibility of suicides in the three-story waterfall pools at the September 11 memorial. The City Council is investigating why so many drivers go unpunished (or even uninvestigated) after accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

Styles: Talented female photographers capture "street style" fashion with their cameras, and often appear in front them too, as stylish models. Fashion Week is still about buying and selling clothes, as shop owners spend the week making deals out of the spotlight.

Arts: A major exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci's works didn't make it to America, but a movie about it will be shown in 500 U.S. theaters tonight (for one night only.)

Travel: How to gain "elite status" at most major hotel chains and what that gets you in return.

Health: Interval training (short bursts of intense exercise) can have significant benefits for cardiovascular health.

Photo Gallery of the Day: Aftermath of the Honduran prison fire.

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