Hutaree Defense: Just Another Social Club Arming Against the Antichrist

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Even if the defense attorneys don't win the case for the seven members of the Hutaree militia on trial for conspiracy in Detroit, it's not for a lack of effort, as lawyers have decided to go forward with the "they were just preparing for the Antichrist" strategy on Tuesday. In the case's opening arguments yesterday, prosecutors argued that seven members of the Hutaree militia were conspiring to ambush kill a police officer and then attack a funeral procession with explosives which they hoped to trigger a broader revolt against the U.S. government, reports The Detroit Free Press. "These individuals, led by David Stone Sr., wanted an armed confrontation with law enforcement and the federal government," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Graveline, who reportedly held a Hutaree AK47 assault rifle in the air to get his point across. USA Today reports that a stash of weapons were recovered during arrests of members in 2010.  

"There was no plan. There was no action," William Swor, David Stone's defense attorney, told jurors adding that many of the weapons seized as evidence in the case have been collected for over 20 years. Another defense attorney for the group described them as a "social club." As for that charge about overthrowing the United States government?  Well, the group's beef seems to be with an altogether different enemy. "Swor said Stone was planning to defend himself and his family from the coming of the Antichrist -- which would come from overseas -- and had no quarrel with the U.S. government." reports The Detroit Free Press. The trial continues today. 

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